Floor Repair

Floor Repair

Buckingham Wood Flooring services provide a professional installation service for all types of hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors include all floors made up of one layer rather than multiple layers of wood. Today’s most popular hardwood species is oak—however, many other options on the market, such as ash, Merbau, walnut, etc. Hardwood is not recommended for underfloor heating as it tends to block much of the heat it generates, reducing stress on it effective. If you have underfloor heating, we recommend using engineered floors. Parquet floors are made of natural wood and are very sensitive to moisture. Therefore, acclimatization is essential for all hardwood floors.

The process of leaving the wood where it needs to be installed for at least seven days before installation to adapt to environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. Hardwood floors are an excellent and valuable asset in any home, and once installed, they will last for years to come. Therefore, it is essential to have it installed by a professional floor fitting company like Buckingham flooring services to avoid the risks of any problems appearing after the fitting.

We have gathered valuable experience over the years and are well aware of fitting requirements and installation techniques that can reduce the risks of any undesired issues in the future. Types of Solid wood flooring is undoubtedly an excellent choice because of its stunning natural appearance and its capability to be sanded several times. However, just purchasing solid wood does not guarantee any of these qualities unless your precious wooden flooring is installed correctly by skillful and professional.

Floor fitters who have the appropriate skills and knowledge about floor fitting—having your solid wood installed by Buckingham flooring services. We guarantees that it will be done in the best possible way with the most appropriate materials and tools.

We are confident in wood floor fitting, and that’s why we offer our service guarantee for all our fitting projects. Solid wood flooring, also often referred to as hardwood flooring, comes in two main options – it can either be unfinished (not sealed) or prefinished. The main difference is that once installed, unfinished solid wood flooring requires light sanding and sealing with either hardwearing varnish or hard wax oil to protect the bare wood, while prefinished flooring does not.

Concrete wood flooring glue-down installation London reliable wood flooring glue-down installation London Solid Wood Installation Options Solid wood flooring can be installed using various methods. One of the most popular methods is glue-down installation, where floorboards are glued down to the subfloor using flexible and robust wood floor adhesive. This is the most common method of laying parquet, as it provides high stability and durability. Bonding is usually done when a solid wood floor is applied on a concrete floor. Alternatively, you can nail the hardwood floor to the hardwood floor with a nail gun. This method provides more flexibility but takes more time because each floorboard is settled individually. What can you expect from Buckingham flooring services? Solid hardwood floors can be installed on both wood and concrete.

Whatever your flooring, it is essential to make sure it is flat, clean, and dry before installing new flooring. This may require leveling the floor with a self-leveling concrete mix. The type of flooring determines the best installation method, usually with nails or glue. Often hardwood floors come with the manufacturer’s instructions on best installing them. We always advise our customers to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for best results. It can be floated, glued, nailed, or installed directly on the beam. If hardwood floors need to be laid on concrete floors, providing an adequate waterproofing barrier is essential. This often requires using a liquid waterproofing membrane to protect the floor from potential future moisture build-up. Before installing solid wood, Buckingham flooring services installers always check the moisture level of the subfloor to ensure it is within acceptable limits.

However, the floor must be level and stable before doing this. Should this not be the case, the application of plywood may be required before installation. Solid wood tends to expand and contract naturally due to changes in air humidity. Therefore this expansion gap is essential to allow for this natural movement of the wooden floors. Expansion gaps are usually later covered by skirting boards around the walls. Some features of floor installation services There are several principles to follow when laying hardwood floors. Choose carefully to avoid bending or damaging the board. When laying parquet in the hallway, always apply the boards in the long direction. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for flooring and use high quality.

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