Wooden Flooring

We are a wood flooring specialist (London) company with a technological soul and a passion for the authentic & luxurious look of wooden floors. Powered by high-quality products, advanced technologies, an abundance of knowledge, and a dedicated, ambitious workforce, we’re in a position to find the best wood and laminate products at the lowest prices. Now it is helpful for you to save you money!

Nothing Finishes a Room quite like a Wooden Floor:

At Buckingham Wood Flooringwe firmly believe that a wooden floor has a timeless natural beauty. It can transform a room. It can adding touches of luxury and class. Whether it has a modern-rustic feel, a traditional style, or even minimalist décor. To us, a wooden floor should provide comfort, longevity, and splendor. Its natural knots and beautiful imperfections create a unique look in every room. Due to this, we endeavor to only sell the highest quality of durable wood to our customers. We also provide wide range of finishes, colors, and woods to cater to every taste and style.

Wooden Flooring

Engineered wooden flooring is undoubtedly a flooring answer for anyone. If you are searching for a wooden floor that’ll rise to moisture and temperature differences or layover underground heating.

Floor fitting for Commercial and Individual Customers

We provide experienced solid wood flooring specialist (London) services guaranteed for your safety.  In addition to solid wood and parquet floors, we also specialize in laminated floors, parquet floors, and professional sand and sealing services.

The solid wood floor is made of one hardwood. Board widths range from 90mm to 210mm with an average thickness of 18mm. The main drawback of solid floors is the laying.  Solid oak flooring naturally expands and contracts after installation. It also responds to moisture issues under the floor or in the room in which it is installed.

 For this reason, special care must be taken when laying and strict guidelines must be observed.  Unique,  solid wood planks have always been impressive creatures. With proper installation and care, high-quality solid flooring can last a lifetime.  Solid wood can be installed using several methods, including Secret nailing and gluing. Buckingham flooring fitters will discuss the best laying method for you.

The hardwood floors tend to add real value to any home and it makes a big investment in them.

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