The type of the subfloor will normally define whether a nail-down or glue-down installation method would be most appropriate.  Often, solid wood flooring comes with manufacturers instructions on the best fitting method.   If solid wood flooring is to be fitted over concrete subfloors, it is essential to ensure that the appropriate moisture barrier is put in place.  Before any solid wood installation, our Buckingham wood floor fitters will always check the moisture levels of the subfloor to ensure that it is within acceptable limits.

Concrete subfloors should also be smooth and even before the installation of solid wood flooring.  If this is not the case, we would always recommend the application of self-levelling compounds to make the surface smooth and flat.  Once we are satisfied with the level and condition of the concrete subfloor a glue-down installation can be performed where the solid wood flooring is fitted using flexible wood floor adhesive.   In case the subfloor is made from floorboards, solid wood flooring can be nailed down instead.

A very important element of any solid wood floor fitting is the expansion gap between the wooden floors and the walls.   In the case of installation of unfinished solid wood flooring, once installed the floors need to be lightly sanded and buffed to a perfectly smooth finish before the application of either hardwearing varnish or hard wax oil on top.

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